10 Steps to a Successful Fleet Tender

  1. Set the Strategy – what objectives are you trying to achieve from the process? Are you genuinely looking to change suppliers or are you wanting to check your lease rates are competitive?  Approaches to the market will vary according to strategic requirements
  2. Know the Market – invite suppliers for informal meetings to discover what they have to offer and how they may fit your culture. Issue a short PQQ to get more information
  3. Plan – create a procurement plan with realistic timescales and share with those stakeholders involved in the procurement process. Make sure you give suppliers enough time to produce a quality response.
  4. Specification – be very clear in your specification what you are looking to buy. This will include specific vehicles as well as ancillary services such as breakdown cover.  Do you want a sole or multiple suppliers?
  5. Evaluation – share your evaluation criteria with potential suppliers and stick to them. Changing criteria mid process can lead you to move away from your strategic objectives.
  6. References – follow up on references for shortlisted suppliers to get a feel for how they can deliver in practice.
  7. Negotiation – save your negotiation for your final shortlist suppliers. Have a negotiation plan and be clear about what you want to achieve from the process.  Are there areas you can trade to your mutual advantage?
  8. Selection – make sure your stakeholder group buys into the final decisions which are made. This sounds easy but you may have competing requirements or wishes to work through.
  9. Contracting – check that all your negotiated benefits are reflected in the contract. KPI’s and SLA’s will also be important to manage the contract effectively
  10. Implementation – new supply agreements need to be implemented effectively to realise the effective benefit of the new provider. Internal resource should have enough free time to bring the benefits to fruition.

We hope you find these tips useful.

If you are still unsure as to how best approach your fleet procurement, then get in touch as we would be delighted to assist.