November 2017

Autonomous Vehicles


Autonomous Vehicles Autonomous vehicles have been in the press a lot recently and with good reason.  Technology and the legislative framework are changing with lightening speed putting the prospect of fully autonomous vehicles on the horizon. Vehicle manufacturers, technology giants and ride share companies are all vying for space in this potentially vast market.  [...]

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Fleet Risk Management


Fleet Risk Management Fleet risk management, often referred to as Duty of Care has become a hot topic within the fleet industry in recent years.  Leasing companies have offered both a mix of sound advice and scare tactics designed to sell in additional products or services.  Duty of Care didn’t start with the 2008 [...]

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Tyre Safety


Tyre Safety Tyre safety came into focus when a manufacturer said it was only the four palm prints (tyres) which were in contact with the road when driving.  If one or more of the tyres has been compromised it is a significant safety issue. Follow out simple steps to make sure you drive safe [...]

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Electric Vehicles


Electric Vehicles There has been a lot of media coverage recently about the adoption of electric vehicles but what challenges lie ahead in terms of the infrastructure to support such a move? It is generally accepted the move to electric vehicles will take some time.  Infrastructure built up over generations will not be replaced overnight [...]

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Cash Allowance or Company Car


Cash Allowance or Company Car Many employees get a choice between choosing a company car or a cash allowance.  The changing economy and fiscal framework has proven to be a dynamic backdrop to a driver’s decision.  Factors such as environmental impact and managing duty of care have impacted on the employer’s perspective on managing the [...]

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