March 2022 Newsletter

April 2022 Newsletter

  • Client News – Project with medical technology company goes live, prospects for grey fleet service
  • EVP News – Tom Lett joins the team, and Andy heads south for Easter.
  • Market News – The UK ranked as the third-best country for EV driving in Europe. Both rapid charge points and energy costs increase as the year’s first quarter ends.
  • Monthly question – Will rising energy costs affect EV attractiveness?
March 2022 Newsletter

April 2022 Newsletter

Happy Easter to our readers!

Welcome to EVP Solutions’ April 2022 Newsletter.

April concludes a busy and exciting month as we continue working and collaborating with our existing customers whilst growing our client base.

Firstly, in terms of client work, we are happy to announce that our project with a medical technology company has gone live. We have also had a received significant interest in our grey fleet management service, procuring work with a new client.

New recruit Tom joins the EVP team, returning to the UK after a three-month trip backpacking around Thailand. Andy swaps sunny Sale for southern France over the Easter period.

Hundreds of new rapid charge points join the UK network as rising energy costs take centre stage in this month’s industry news.

Our question of the month asks will the rising energy costs will affect EV adoption rates?

Client News

April 2022 Newsletter – Client News

Medical technology organisation

EVP Solutions are excited to share that our project to manage a major medical technology fleet is now underway.

We are actively working the client, developing their strategy and using our management expertise to optimise their fleet efficiency.

The client’s fleet is spread across 12 different countries in the UK and Europe, enforcing the need for a comprehensive and effective fleet strategy.

EVP look forward to working with them as the project continues to move forward.

Grey Fleet

EVP has received significant interest in our grey fleet management service.

We are pleased to announce that we have been approached to help manage one of our existing customers’ grey fleet.

As a part of our grey fleet management service, we will engage with stakeholders, providing data analysis and ongoing management.

Grey fleet management is an excellent way for organisations to reduce their grey fleet spending and ensure compliance.

April 2022 Newsletter – EVP News

New recruit Tom Lett starts his EVP journey

April started with the addition of a new fleet analyst, Tom Lett!

Tom graduated from Sheffield Hallam University after gaining a degree in Physical Geography (BSc) and has recently returned from a three month trip around Thailand.

After seeing the Thai Sights, Tom has settled into his new role as he undertakes his formal fleet qualifications.

Welcome to the team, Tom!

Andy heads south for Easter

During April, Andy enjoyed his Easter break in the South of France with his family.

While away, Andy enjoyed the warm weather, returning refreshed and excited to move forward with ongoing projects.

April 2022 Newsletter – Market News

The UK ranked third for electric vehicle driving in Europe

An EV Readiness Index created by LeasePlan ranked the UK third out of 22 countries in preparedness for transition to EVs.

Only Norway and the Netherlands ranked above the UK. However, the research suggests that every one of the 22 countries lacks access to public charge points. This, along with rising energy costs, raises concerns over future EV adoption rates.

The shortage of charge points raises questions about the need for investment in the UK’s electric vehicle infrastructure.

Rapid charge points and energy costs increase

In April, charge points and energy costs have dominated discussions in the EV sector.

Wholesale energy costs have reached an all-time high, which providers have begun to pass on to customers.

Four hundred new rapid and ultra-rapid charge points were added to the UK’s network in the first quarter of the year, bringing the total ultra-fast charge points to 1434.

Distributing fast chargers across the network is necessary for improving long-distance EV driving, providing 100 miles of range in a matter of minutes. This is also key for building EV attractiveness, encouraging drivers to switch to electric by making the network more accessible to a broader range of people.

April 2022 Newsletter – Monthly Question

Will rising energy costs affect EV attractiveness?

In April, average household annual energy costs rose by up to 54%.

As wholesale energy prices continue to rise, the Utility Regulator’s chief executive admits the high costs will affect consumers for upwards of three years.

Furthermore, as energy costs rise, so does the cost of charging electric vehicles on the street. For example, charging company Ubitricity has increased its prices by 33%.

The Shell owned company said it had held off increasing its prices for as long as possible, but ‘unprecedented’ prices forced the increase. Subsequently, these prices have been passed down to the consumer.

So, we ask our readers the following question:

Will rising electricity prices hinder EV adoption rates?

A) Yes. Cheaper vehicle running costs are a main selling point for EVs.

B) No. The economic and environmental benefits will still drive consumers into the EV market.

What do you think?

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