May 2020

Mobility as a Service


Mobility as a Service | Definition Mobility as a Service or MaaS is defined as “is the integration of various forms of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand” (Source: MaaS Alliance).  The blend of transportation services will include public transport, taxis, bikes, scooters, hire or leased vehicles. The aim of [...]

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December 2019

Fleet Management Outsourcing


Fleet Management Outsourcing Fleet management outsourcing has grown in popularity in recent years. At a time where there are cost challenges for most businesses, outsourcing is being used by businesses as a method of reducing the costs of providing fleet by outsourcing non-core activities. Outsourcing is the contracting to a third-party provider [...]

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November 2019

Managing Supplier Change


Managing Supplier Change Managing supplier change is seen by many organisations as risky, time consuming or difficult.  Everyone remembers an experience where things haven't gone as well as planned!  This means that many supplier relationships are allowed to roll on even where the service or prices being delivered are not great. However, there [...]

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October 2019

Category Management Data


Category management data cubes are a major tool in the procurement toolbox to help make informed decisions in support of overall strategy. We take a look at the areas you can improve with the help of good structured data sets and informed analysis. Identify Opportunities for Savings Insight Data analysis can provide [...]

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May 2019

Workplace Parking Levy


Workplace Parking Levy The recent deal agreed by the SNPs and Scottish Green party, as part of the latest Scottish Budget, will allow Scottish councils to introduce a workplace parking levy. With the workplace parking levy resulting in employers having to pay an annual tax to the council for each parking space, this could [...]

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