22 11, 2019

Managing Supplier Change


Managing Supplier Change | Maximizing The Benefits Of New Supplier Relationships Managing supplier change is seen by many organisations as risky, time consuming or difficult.  Everyone remembers an experience where things haven't gone as well as planned!  This means that many supplier relationships are allowed to roll on even where the service or [...]

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31 10, 2019

Fleet carbon footprint


Reduce The Fleet Carbon Footprint Through A Structured Framework And Practical Steps Governments and businesses are putting and increasing effort onto reducing their impact on the environment and reducing the fleet carbon footprint can be a major contributor to this objective.  Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is high on executive’s agendas not just from a [...]

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15 10, 2019

A beginners guide to choosing your first electric vehicle


Have you ever thought about getting an Electric Vehicle as your next car? Then this blog is for you. Read on to get a balanced view of the move to an electric vehicle.

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15 11, 2018

A Guide To WLTP


A Guide To WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) WLTP | The Background Against the background of several emissions scandals, the way in which vehicle emissions are tested has changed.  A far more rigorous and comprehensive test is welcome to assist purchasers with the vehicle selections they make.  The move from New European [...]

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