February 2022 Newsletter

February 2022 Newsletter

  • Introduction
  • Client News – Medical Technology Company, meeting a public body
  • EVP News – Nick and Andy escape the February weather
  • Market News – A new ‘road-tax’, delay of the GMCAZ, Oxford open their ZEZ
  • Monthly question – Is delaying the GMCAZ the right thing to do?
February 2022 Newsletter

February 2022 Newsletter – Introduction

Wet weather doesn’t dampen the EVP mood

Welcome to EVP Solutions’ February 2022 Newsletter.

February has seen us continue to win new work whilst continuing to collaborate with colleagues from existing customers. Our big announcement for February is we will now be managing a fleet on behalf of a medical technology company, covering twelve countries across Europe. We also went to meet one of our client’s face to face for the first time, despite the fact we have been working with them for a year!

Both Nick and Andy escape the rains, although in slightly different ways!

Also, major industry news in February includes the announcement that a new ‘road-tax’ may be necessary to cover potential losses from EVs. Other news includes the delay of the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone (GMCAZ), plus the opening of the UK’s first Zero Emission Zone in Oxford.

Finally, we ask readers whether they believe delaying the GMCAZ was the right thing to do.

February 2022 Newsletter

February 2022 Newsletter – Client News

Medical Technology Company

EVP Solutions are very pleased to share that we have been asked to manage a leading medical technology’s fleet.

EVP were initially engaged by the client as they were not happy with how their fleet was being managed.

However, the client was so impressed with the service we provided, that they have asked us to manage their fleet on their behalf.

This will involve managing stakeholders across 12 different countries and territories, each with differing laws and regulations which the fleet must comply to.

We thoroughly enjoy working with the client and are excited to continue working with them.

Public body

We also had the pleasure to go and meet one of our clients in a face to face meeting, for the first time since we began working with them.

Despite the fact we have been managing their fleet for over a year now, Covid-19 restrictions have meant that meeting has not been possible until now.

While meeting the client, we undertook their annual review, demonstrating what we have done this year, in terms of saving the client money, while also effectively managing suppliers.

February 2022 Newsletter

February 2022 Newsletter – EVP News

Nick enjoys some time off

February saw our Director Nick enjoy a week away with friends in Innsbruck, Austria. Skiing was the activity of the week, where the locals said that the conditions were the best of the year so far.

Nick also enjoyed a week away at Centre Parcs with his family.

Andy avoids the February rain

Our other Director, Andy, also enjoyed some time off in February. However, unlike Nick, he spent time in the sun, in Dubai.

February 2022 Newsletter – Market News

Possible introduction of a new ‘mileage-based road tax’

Earlier in the month, we wrote a blog referencing a potential new mileage-based road tax. The new tax would see individuals pay a varying tax rate, depending on the environmental impact of the vehicle and the number of miles the individual completes.

Currently, the governments collects tax through vehicle excise duty, and fuel duty. However, there is a worry that as more individuals make the switch to electric vehicles, the money generated through these tax incomes will dry up, as electric vehicles do not pay vehicle excise duty, or require fuel. Hence, the government will have a 4% tax gap which they will need to fill to maintain public spending in key areas such as healthcare and education.

If you would like to know more about the tax, please see our blog.

Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone (GMCAZ) delay

February also saw an update to the GMCAZ.

The GMCAZ was set to commence from May 2022. However, Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, put in a request for the scheme to be put on hold for a few months, so a public consultation could take place.

If you would like to see the EVP perspective on the delay, please take a look.

Oxford Zero Emission Zone

The latter part of February saw implementation of Oxford’s ‘Zero Emission Zone’.

To start, the zone will only apply to a section of Oxford City Centre, and will be enforceable between 7am – 7pm. However, all vehicles which are not zero emission will be liable to charges. From next year, the zone will cover the rest of the city.

February 2022 Newsletter – Monthly Question

Was delaying the Greater Manchester CAZ the best thing to do?

As we discussed above, there has been a delay in the implementation of the GMCAZ.

We would like to know if our readers believe delaying the GMCAZ was the best thing to do. So, we ask the following.

Do you believe delaying the GMCAZ was the right thing to do?

A) No. It is important to introduce the CAZ as soon as possible, to limit pollution in the area.

B) Yes. The plans need to be tweaked.

C) Yes. However, the plans were not well thought out and should be completely re-designed.

What do you think?

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