Fleet Consultancy

Fleet Consultancy is at the core of what we deliver for our clients. We provide advice covering all aspects of fleet, from procurement exercises to delivering a comprehensive review of your whole fleet strategy and operational effectiveness.

We provide specialist support covering cost reduction, responsibility and operational performance. Our team look at the challenges you face, identify the ones you may have missed, and work with you to overcome them.

Our expertise has been developed through experience working with diverse customers, each with their own unique business strategy. We support our clients by aligning the management of vehicle fleets to the business strategy, boosting overall efficiency, and making for a great driver experience.

Our services cover the whole spectrum of your fleet including cash allowances, grey fleet, commercial vehicles as well as more complex vehicle fleets, specialist conversions, HGV’s, MHE, motorbikes and electric vehicles.

Though it’s your fleet we work on, it’s your bottom line we’re targeting.  Our services consistently deliver a significant return on investment from 10-50x+.

The Fleet Consultancy Process

Martin Jefkins | Senior HR Manager | J&E Hall International

“We were unsure of the best way to go when reviewing our fleet provision and were recommended Nick and the EVP Solutions team to help us.

EVP understood our requirements quickly, and then guided us through every stage from scoping our requirements, evaluating our current provider, running the tender, selection of a provider and implementation of the new company.

It’s safe to say that we got to our answers much quicker with the help of EVP, but they also helped us understand it simply and easily.  They found areas where we could make substantial cost savings”

Case Study

Client: Large Support Services Company

Challenge: The client had a mix of different suppliers but current service levels and support were failing to meet the expectations of stakeholders within the business.

Delivery: EVP carried out a comprehensive fleet consultancy review into the client’s fleet of 750 commercial vehicles.

Our team worked with internal stakeholders to standardise vehicle specifications, enhance the existing supply chain and changing a number of processes.

As a result, our work delivered annual cost savings of 14% and reduced the operational risk to the business.

Why choose us?

  • 30 years of fleet consulting experience

  • Robust and proven consultancy process

  • Exceptional market knowledge

  • We always deliver

  • High return on investment

If you would like to know more then please e-mail nick.jones@evpsolutions.co.uk or andrew.cronin@evpsolutions.co.uk.