Fleet Management Services

We deliver fleet management services which make a real impact to your bottom line.

We have developed a range of services designed to take the hassle and complexity out of running the fleet.

Services provided by EVP Solutions

Fleet Consultancy

Fleet Consultancy is at the core of what we do. We can review all elements of your fleet, from procurement exercises to delivering a comprehensive review of your whole fleet operation.

We are on hand to provide specialist support on all levels covering cost, responsibility and operational performance. We look at the challenges you face, identify the ones you may have missed, and work with you to overcome them.

The work we do is always linked back to your company’s strategic and operational objectives. Though it’s your fleet we work on, it’s your bottom line we’re targeting.

The Benefits

  • Reduce costs, downtime, risk and environmental impact

  • Improve productivity, profit, safety and employee satisfaction

  • Save hassle, time, energy, resource and cost

  • Prevent accidents, damage and downtime

  • Simplify processes, procedures, risk and reporting

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Fleet Procurement

Fleet procurement of fleet can seem like a dark art for generalist procurement professionals. The fleet category can involve complex stakeholder relationships with finance, payroll, human resources and operations all being involved in the management of the category. With changes to legislation and taxation coupled with new vehicle technologies the procurement process can be complex.

Specialist knowledge is therefore important either to supplement internal resources or to run the exercise outright. At EVP we have a well established procurement methodology which guides the strategic procurement process. We are are experienced negotiating with suppliers and are well versed in which procurement levers to pull in order to secure long term value from the contract.

Additionally, we have implementation managers to guide your organisation through any changes in suppliers.

The Benefits

  • Reduce timescales, effort and resources needed

  • Improve savings and service levels

  • Save cost, hassle, energy and resource

  • Increase savings, driver satisfaction and service levels

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Fleet Supplier Management

Fleet can be a difficult category to manage. It requires more specialist skills than other areas of indirect spend. It is also very high profile as many senior managers drive company vehicles. Typically there can be many areas of the business who are responsible for fleet including Procurement, Finance, HR, Payroll or even Facilities.

Fleet Supplier Management ensures that suppliers are performing as they should and service levels are being maintained. As we manage a number of customers we can also benchmark prices and service levels to make sure they are in line with the market. We monitor areas of in-life changes such as re-contracting to make sure this is done on a fair and equitable basis.

The Benefits

  • Reduce cost, internal resource and hassle

  • Improve productivity, profit, safety and the bottom line

  • Save hassle, effort, time and energy

  • Simplify processes, procedures, audit, risk and compliance

  • Increase peace of mind

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Global Fleet Reporting

Global Fleet Reporting was developed to address the issue of “too much information and not enough time”. It is is a problem familiar to many fleet and category managers. Working with a variety of leasing companies is further complicated by having to aggregate, process and analyze data from incompatible systems.

Our Cloud-based Global Fleet Reporting system allows clients to create bespoke dashboards which simplify procedures such as transitioning suppliers or managing diversified supply chains.

Global Fleet Reporting does more than just simplify the complicated. It also supports the fleet strategy by helping identifying strategic opportunities both locally and globally. This supports the deconstruction of the supply chain to achieve maximum commercial advantage.

The Benefits

  • Reduce complexity, cost and time required

  • Improves visibility, control and profit

  • Simplify reporting, audit and control requirements

  • Increase visibility, control, efficiency and peace of mind

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If you would benefit from our fleet management expertise and would like to know more then please get in touch e-mail nick.jones@evpsolutions.co.uk or andrew.cronin@evpsolutions.co.uk