Fleet Management Suppliers

Full-Service Leasing Companies

Fleet management suppliers in this space offer a one stop shop for all fleet management requirements.

  1. Lex Autolease


Lex Autolease is owned by Lloyds Banking Group and was formed when Lloyds acquired HBOS in September 2008. Lex is the largest leasing company (by volume) operating in the UK and offers the full suite of fleet related services directly to businesses or indirectly through brokers to personal customers.

  1. Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet


VWFS is part of the Volkswagen Group and originally focused on providing finance and related services to the Volkswagen product range. VWFS has evolved into providing funding and fleet management services to all vehicle manufacturers.

  1. Leaseplan UK


Leaseplan UK is part of the Leaseplan Corporation which manages over 1.9 million vehicles in 30 countries worldwide. In March 2016, Leaseplan was acquired by LP Group B.V which is a consortium of investors.

  1. Arval UK


Arval is owned by the French bank BNP Paribas and is part of a global fleet management business covering 25 countries directly and a further 14 through alliances.

  1. ALD Automotive


ALD is owned by the French bank Société Générale and is part of a global fleet management business covering 41 countries directly and manages 1.5 million vehicles.

  1. Alphabet UK


Alphabet is owned by BMW Group and is part of a global fleet management business covering 30 countries directly and manages 700,000 million vehicles.

  1. Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions


Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions is owned by Japanese conglomerate Hitachi Group. The company operates 70,000 vehicles in the UK.

  1. Zenith


Zenith was acquired by Bridgepoint Capital in 2017 and operates in the UK with a fleet of 55,000 vehicles. Zenith acquired CVL later in 2017 to extend their services into the HGV space.

  1. Kinto Fleet Management


Inchcape was taken over by Toyota Financial Services(TFS) in 2019 and subsequently rebranded to Kinto. This acquisition expanded on an already close operational alliance where Inchcape were providing back office services to TFS.

Corporate Fleet Management Brokers

The below fleet management service providers will offer a one stop shop, however the funding for the vehicles will come through asset finance providers.

  1. Fleet Logistics


Fleet Logistics is owned by Tuv Sud and Volkswagen Financial Services which acquired a 60% share in the business in November 2019. Fleet Logistics manages 180,000 vehicles in 27 countries.

  1. CLM


CLM is part of the Maxxia Group which is owned by quoted Australian company McMillan Shakespeare Group.

  1. Fleet Operations


Fleet Operations is a privately owned UK business but also offers a broader European offering through Traxall International. 

Service, Maintenance and Repair

These fleet management providers focus on service, maintenance and repair but also offer funding services.

  1. Rivus Fleet Solutions


Rivus Fleet Solutions was purchased from BT by Aurelius Group in 2019.

  1. ARI


ARI is part of Holman Enterprises, a US family owned group. ARI operates in the UK, Germany and North America.

Accident Management 

Fleet accident management was designed with the goal of minimising any interruption and distress caused when a vehicle has been involved in an accident, keeping you and your drivers safe.

  1. FMG


FMG was established in 1986 in Huddersfield and remains one of the largest private employers in the town. 

  1. RAC


RAC have been around for numerous years and now offer specialist end-to-end accident management services for fleets.

  1. The AA


Another well established roadside and emergency business working to manage your case,  including repairs, liaising with insurers, legal services, and uninsured loss recovery.

  1. WNS Assistance


WNS Assistance is an award-winning claims management company, delivering comprehensive, end to end solutions to motor, property and legal clients in the UK.

Mileage Capture

When corporate vehicle and grey fleet drivers go on a business trip, they claim the miles on their expense form and are paid a set fee for that mileage.

  1. The Miles Consultancy


Helping companies electrify their fleets, TMC helps with the implementation and ongoing analysis of electric vehicles for companies. 

  1. Mileage Count


The sole focus of MileageCount is on delivering the best in mileage capture and reporting. Being simple, user-friendly and providing valuable management information.

  1. Vertivia


Vertivia is a software platform and managed solution that helps businesses keep accurate records of journeys. 

  1. Proximitum


Proximitum is a software integrator and cloud enabler that provides cloud management and access tools to help organisations manage their adoption of cloud technologies.

  1. Midas


Midas FMS Ltd has over 12 years’ experience in fleet management services, compliance and driver support.

  1. Fleet Miles


Fleet Miles aggregates all mileage data to give you answers to all your fleet management questions.

  1. Trax Miles


Trax Miles helps companies and their employees reduce cost through our employee and HMRC friendly car, employee benefit, mileage expense and fuel tax services, with a particular focus on compliance and risk mitigation.

How can outsourcing fleet management save you money?

Read EVP Solution’s guide to fleet financing for more information. If you’re looking for advice on fleet strategy and management options, then get in touch with a member of the EVP Solutions team today to find out more how we can help you.