Fleet Supplier Management

Has your fleet contract management of the fleet been handed to someone in HR, Finance, Procurement or Facilities?  Do they have the  time or expertise to manage the fleet effectively?

If the answer is no then we can help.  We offer fleet supplier relationship management (Fleet SRM) as a service.

Challenges we address include:

  •  The Knowledge Gap – we understand where fleet management suppliers make their return and can focus on minimising price creep.
  •  The Power Gap – where a lack of confidence can have the supplier rather than the customer leading the relationship.
  •  Legislation – evolving legislation around tax, risk and emissions.
  •  Technology – new technologies are impacting the vehicles your employees choose and come with differing infrastructure needs.
  •  Data Transparency – access to data can be hosted in different locations and different formats.

Our service includes the following elements:

Fleet Administration

  • Invoice Verification
  • Helpdesk
  • Internal Stakeholder Meetings
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Cost Reporting

Performance Management

  • Savings / Initiatives Tracking
  • KPI and SLA review
  • Price Benchmarking
  • Environmental Reporting

Strategy and Transformation

  • Policy Management
  • Manufacturer and Dealer Discounts
  • Funding Optimisation
  • Change Management
  • Process Optimisation

Risk Management

  • Risk Assessment
  • Grey Fleet Management
  • Driver Risk Profile
  • Incident Management
  • Insurance Management


  • Bespoke Global Fleet Reporting
  • Cash vs Car Calculator
  • EV Evaluation
  • Process Enhancements


  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Internal Reviews
  • Market Awareness Sessions
  • Driver Surveys
  • RACI

The Benefits

  • Improve supplier performance through active management
  • Consolidate all fleet data to provide meaningful insight
  • Reduce internal resource needed to run the fleet
  • Improved internal communications to all stakeholder groups
  • Reduce cost  and improve the bottom line

Case Study

Client: International FMCG Business, Global Brand

Challenge: Following the retirement of the fleet manager, the customer required ongoing support in managing the suppliers for their UK & Ireland fleet in order to streamline processes and drive cost-efficiency.

Delivery: EVP provide the customer with Supplier and Contract Management, which safeguards the maintenance of good supplier relationships and tracks contract KPIs and SLA’s.

We deliver supplier reporting, ensuring consistency and accuracy through bespoke service from suppliers. This provides the basis for strategic initiatives within the fleet aimed at reducing cost or increasing operational efficiency.

EVP also provides the customer with savings tracker to ensure initiatives are yielding the expected benefits

The communications plan includes a monthly update call, quarterly supplier meetings in the UK and bi-annual meetings in Ireland to discuss and resolve any issues.

Our service has been successfully operating for three years and the client is delighted with the results.

If you would like to know more regarding this innovative service then please e-mail nick.jones@evpsolutions.co.uk or andrew.cronin@evpsolutions.co.uk