How to be more eco-friendly as a business

There are a number of reasons why making your business more eco-friendly can be beneficial, not only for the more obvious reasons (such as reducing your carbon footprint) but financially too. 

Here at EVP Solutions, we offer a dedicated electric vehicle consultancy service for businesses who wish to incorporate electric vehicles into their fleet and improve their eco-friendly practices. Of course, this isn’t the only way in which businesses can do their bit. Read on to discover a number of ways in which businesses can become more eco-friendly in their operations.

Reduce water usage

Regardless of your business size, there is always the opportunity to be mindful of water consumption in the workplace. For instance, using a water tracking tool is a simple way to monitor your workplace water consumption and reduce water usage.

Other ways in which to reduce your water usage include:

  • Not running appliances on half loads (this could be a dishwasher in the staff room).
  • Having regular water maintenance checks and installing water-saving measures.
  • Check whether your water supplier is the most reliable and efficient and switch wherever necessary.

Switch to solar energy

By 2024, the cost of solar electricity is predicted to drop another 15% to 35%, fueling even more growth in the second half of the decade. Solar energy, for example, has seen rapid growth in recent years. It is set to become even more accessible for individuals and businesses in the near future. 

Sustainable partnerships 

Sustainability partnerships involve two or more organisations teaming up to achieve environmental goals and outcomes. These often include one corporate business and a not-for-profit organisation; such as a railway business partnering with a recycling company to offer customers reusable or low-waste coffee cups. 

Cloud computing  

Cloud computing is more efficient and resilient than local computing. Businesses opt for cloud computing for a number of reasons; one of the most prevalent is the reduced amount of hardware and equipment required on-premises to run.

In turn, this keeps power consumption to a minimum and therefore, decreases your energy bill – all while adopting eco-friendly business practices. Additionally, it provides geographic redundancy, making data loss improbable even in the case of a natural disaster. 

Tax breaks for eco-friendly businesses

Businesses adopting an eco-friendly approach will soon see the benefits. Not only on their own conscience but also through their tax rates. Environmental (or ‘green’) taxes are levied on businesses to encourage them to operate in a more environmentally-friendly manner. 

By adopting a green approach, your business may be eligible for tax relief, find itself exempt from certain taxes, or be eligible for more varied loans. Some of the tax exemptions available include: 


The March budget included super-deduction capital allowances, which went into effect on 1st April 2021. Therefore, eligible equipment and machinery purchased for your firm are deducted from your taxable profits at a rate of 130%.

Electric cars

Purchasing a brand new zero-emission electric vehicle allows you to claim 100% of the cost against tax at the end of the business year. This is also available to individuals and partnerships too, so you don’t have to be a limited company. 

Charging points

Installing charging points for electric vehicles on-site, allows employees to use the businesses premises to refuel cars. 

Research and development

Research and development tax reduction is a government-backed corporation tax benefit aimed at encouraging UK industries to innovate and develop. This tax relief is typically available to businesses who spend money developing new products, processes, services or improving current ones.

Why choose EVP Solutions?

Here at EVP solutions, we work tirelessly to be more carbon conscious and offer the best advice you can get. Working with us can save you, on average, £605 per fleet vehicle, and we endeavour to work out a fleet management plan which fits with your budget.

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