January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter – Contents

  • Introduction
  • Client News – Major energy company, ongoing support for a major dealership group.
  • EVP News – Dave Cunliffe passes ICFM Introductory Module.
  • Market News – New electric vehicle battery gigafactory in Blyth, ALD propose the acquisition of LeasePlan.
  • Monthly question – Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone.
January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter – Introduction

Happy New Year to our readers!

Welcome to EVP Solutions’ January 2022 Newsletter.

Over the New Year period, we remain busy and in contact with our clients to ensure their needs are continuously being met.

In terms of client work, January saw EVP start a big project with a household energy supplier. Also, we are working with our colleagues at a major car dealership, helping them move into the LeaseCo space.

We are happy to share our graduate Dave Cunliffe, has passed the first stage of his fleet training.

Major industry news as Britishvolt announce plans for a electric car battery gigafactory in Blyth. Also, ALD prepare for their acquisition of LeasePlan.

Our first question for 2022 focuses on the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone, and its impacts on local people and businesses.

January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter – Client News

Energy Supplier

In our December newsletter, we announced that we had been awarded a contract with a household energy supplier.

Firstly, the Client requires EVP to assess their current vehicle maintenance strategy. Therefore, the first step we take is meeting with key stakeholders from the Client’s side.

Following our meeting, we have good insight into the Client’s issues and are considering the best way to move forwards.

Major Car Dealer Group

Furthermore, we continue to assist our Client, a major dealer group, who have most of their sites in the North of England.

The dealer group wish to expand their services by moving into the LeaseCo space. As such, Andy Cronin is using his technical expertise to ensure the funding mechanisms are in place to make the expansion.

Andy is also regularly visiting the Client at their head office, his first opportunity to go to client site since the Covid-19 pandemic first hit the UK.

“Firstly, it’s been thoroughly enjoyable getting back out to see a client in person. Although Teams and Zoom have been brilliant over the past two years, nothing beats being able to meet up face-to-face and catch up properly. Furthermore, the project is moving forwards well, and the Client is happy, which is the key for us at EVP”.

January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter – EVP News

Dave Cunliffe passes ICFM Introductory Module

We want to congratulate Dave Cunliffe on completing the first stage of his fleet training.

Having started the qualification before Christmas, Dave undertook a job-based assignment, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of a company car policy.

He was given a mark of 96%, which represents a pass with distinction. Dave is set to start the intermediate stage of his training in February, alongside a management consultancy course.

EVP Solutions are committed to developing our colleagues. We want our team to continually broaden their fleet knowledge and wider skill set while with EVP.

Well done, Dave!

January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter – Market News

Britishvolt announce electric vehicle battery gigafactory

Dominating industry news is the announcement that Britishvolt will partner with German company Siemens to construct a major new factory in Blyth, known as a ‘gigafactory’, that will build electric vehicle batteries.

Limited battery numbers have been seen as a barrier to EV adoption. However, the new gigafactory will have the ability to produce 300,000 EV batteries a year. Therefore, the factory is seen as a significant stepping stone in the move towards electrifying Britain’s roads, ahead of the 2030 ban on the sale of ICE vehicles.

In addition, the factory will create 3,000 new jobs for people around the Blyth area, helping ‘level up’ the North-East. There will also be a further 5,000 jobs in the supply chain for the factory.

ALD propose their acquisition of LeasePlan

Other big news from the fleet world is ALD’s proposition to acquire LeasePlan.

LeasePlan will receive €4.9bn consideration for the takeover to form the company ‘NewALD’.

Thus, it will be interesting to see if there is a change in terms of competition for fleet management services, particularly in Europe.

Meanwhile, the acquisition is set to finish by the end of 2022.

January 2022 Newsletter – Monthly Question

Greater Manchester’s Clean Air Zone

In a separate blog, EVP Solutions answer some of the key FAQs surrounding the incoming Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone (GMCAZ).

However, the GMCAZ has been subject to a significant amount of scrutiny, from various parties.

Firstly, bus operators are critical about the plans to include buses within the May 2022 phase of the plan. They believe that using buses should be ‘part of the solution, not the problem’.

Secondly, numerous small businesses oppose the plans. As a result of the GMCAZ, any business who have vehicles that are non-compliant will be subject to a charge of £10 a day. Of course, many of these small businesses are those who felt the affects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Therefore, they argue that there should be exemptions for small businesses. It must be said, there is £132 million of funding available to support businesses affected by the CAZ.

But environmental groups believe that the GMCAZ does not go far enough to tackle to pollution issue. For instance, private cars will be exempt from the charges, despite being one of the major contributors to pollution in the region.

So, we pose the following question to our readers:

Do you think the measures in place are suitable for Greater Manchester’s needs at the time of implementation?

A) Yes. The measures seem reasonable to reduce pollution without penalising residents.

B) No. The measures are coming in too soon following the Pandemic – businesses have already had a difficult time.

C) No. The measures do not do enough to tackle pollution in the Greater Manchester region.

What do you think?

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