March 2022 Newsletter

June 2022 Newsletter

  • Client News – New Customer win, project with global cosmetic brand goes live.
  • EVP News – Dave and Tom head to Leeds to enjoy some test cricket.
  • Market News – The UK Government closes Plug-in Car Grant, UK car production growth.
  • Monthly question – Were you aware of the changing EV charging rules?
March 2022 Newsletter

June 2022 Newsletter

EVP feel the summer mood

Welcome to EVP Solutions’ June 2022 Newsletter.

Our latest newsletter comes as the summer sun has finally started to shine.

EVP remain busy with existing client work, with new customer opportunities coming in thick and fast.

June has seen us awarded a contract with a major property investment company. Project with global cosmetic brand goes live.

Our EVP news sees Dave and Tom take a trip to Leeds to watch some test cricket.

Industry news this month focuses on the UK Governments decision to close the Plug-in Car Grant and UK car production growth.

Lastly, our question this month asks whether you were aware of the changing EV charging rules?

Client News

June 2022 Newsletter – Client News

New customer win

EVP Solutions is happy to share that we have been awarded a contract with a major property investment company to provide a full fleet review.

As part of our responsibilities, we will assess the business’ fleet strategy and policies, helping the client operate their fleet effectively and safely.

We look forward to getting started on the project and are very pleased to be working with this brand new client!

Project with cosmetics brand goes live

At the end of June, our project to provide ongoing supplier management with a global cosmetic brand officially began.

EVP have worked with this client on several projects in the past and are excited to continue supporting them. Our FCMaaS service is proving extremely popular at the moment, as clients realise the variety of benefits achieved by outsourcing fleet management.

June 2022 Newsletter – EVP News

Dave and Tom head to Headingley

June saw Dave and Tom take some time off to visit Headingley and watch England play New Zealand.

The guys were very lucky with the weather, enjoying an great days play along with some refreshments in the stands!

Dave and Tom returned to work feeling replenished and ready to engage with ongoing client work.

June 2022 Newsletter – Market News

UK Government closes Plug-in Car Grant

The Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG) was first launched in 2011 to help bridge the upfront price difference between ultra-low emission cars and their internal combustion engine equivalents.

In June, the government decided that the £300 million grand fund will now be refocused on extending plug-in grants to boost sales of plug-in taxis, motorcycles, vans and trucks and wheelchair-accessible vehicles.  

However, all existing applications for the grant will still be honoured, with funding being removed from all future sales.

The funding relocation targets the expanding public charge network in line with the £1.6 billion investment in charging infrastructure committed in part when the 2030 ICE ban was announced 

UK car production growth

Car production in the UK grew for the first time since May of 2021, increasing by 13.3%, with 62,284 units leaving the factory gates.

Additionally, production for overseas and domestic markets increased last month by 8.9% and 39.5%.

Whilst output remains 46.3% lower than the pre-pandemic levels, a month of production rate growth is very encouraging, especially with the ever-increasing vehicle wait times for buyers.

June 2022 Newsletter – Monthly Question

Were you aware of the new EV charging rules?

Research done by EO Charging suggests that nearly half (46%) of UK fleets are unaware of new EV rules coming into play at the end of June. This requires all new charge point installations to be smart.

Charge points with smart functionality allow the charging of an electric vehicle when there is less demand on the grid or when more renewable electricity is available.

Furthermore, the regulations also ensure that charge points meet certain device-level requirements. This enables a minimum level of access, security and information for consumers.

However, many fleet managers were left confused as they were unaware of the new rule change on the sale of smart EV chargers.

So, we ask our readers the following question:

Were you aware of the new EV charging rules?

A) Yes. You were notified about the rule changes and were able to prepare for when they came into play.

B) No. Had no idea that any rules were changing.

What do you think?

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