March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

  • Client News – Global cosmetics brand, salary sacrifice RFP complete for cyber security experts.
  • EVP News – Ange enjoys some Spanish culture, Dave starts his junior management consultancy apprenticeship.
  • Market News – Chancellor cuts fuel duty by 5p a litre, legal loophole closed regarding using a mobile while driving.
  • Monthly question – Has enough been done about the increasing fuel costs?
March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

The sun shines as the financial year ends

Welcome to EVP Solutions’ March 2022 Newsletter.

Our latest newsletter comes as we start move into the British Spring, the weather significantly better than our previous edition.

EVP continue to be busy, as we continue to enjoy our most successful year since the business started.

March has seen us awarded a contract with a major cosmetics brand. We also have an update from one of our projects.

March’s EVP news sees Ange take a cultural trip to Madrid, while Dave kicks off his apprenticeship.

Industry news this month focuses on the spiralling cost of fuel, and subsequent fuel duty cut to counteract these prices.

Lastly, our question this month asks whether the fuel cut is enough.

Client News

March 2022 Newsletter – Client News

Global Cosmetics Brand

EVP Solutions are very happy to share that we have been engaged by a global cosmetic brand to provide ongoing supplier management.

As part of the our responsibilities, we will continue to assess the business’ fleet strategy, policies and supply chains. Also, we will act as a point of escalation should drivers require further help.

We have worked with this client on several different projects prior to this. It is a clear sign of the value we add to the client and their procurement process.

Cyber security experts

We previously told our readers about an electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme we are helping to implement on behalf of a cyber security business.

The request for proposal (RFP) has just been complete, and the client is extremely pleased with the process so far.

Electric vehicle salary sacrifice is a brilliant way for organisations to offer all employees a new EV.

March 2022 Newsletter – EVP News

Ange enjoys some Spanish culture

During March, Ange took a week’s break to jet off to Madrid.

While away, Ange got to take in some of the Spanish culture, including the food and wine.

She also took time to visit the iconic Bernabeu stadium, home of Real Madrid.

Welcome back Ange!

Dave kicks off his apprenticeship

March also saw Dave start his junior management consultancy apprenticeship.

The course will last around two years, and aims to give him a greater understanding of consultancy across all industries.

Dave has enjoyed the course thus far and is looking forward to further improving his consulting skills.

Continual employee development is a crucial element of our quest to add social value wherever we can.

March 2022 Newsletter – Market News

Chancellor cuts fuel duty by 5p a litre

On the 24th March, the Chancellor announced that fuel duty would be cut by 5p a litre.

This change was made to try and manage the spiralling costs of fuel, largely due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In terms of what this means for motorists, it should save around £3 when filling a family car.

However, it doesn’t seem like it has had the intended effects as of yet. Petrol has fallen by less than 4p a litre, while diesel less than 3p.

Mobile phone loophole closed

In March, there was also a change in the law about using mobiles while driving.

Previously, the ban on using mobiles was only applicable to making phone calls or texting. This is because at the point of enactment, phones did not have the same capabilities they do today.

Now, all mobile phone usage is illegal, unless you are using a handsfree device, or in an emergency. Breaking this law will lead to £1000 and 6 penalty points, or even a driving ban.

March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter – Monthly Question

Has the chancellor done enough to cut fuel costs?

While the fuel duty cut was welcomed by the public, it certainly has not solved all issues.

Some groups have called for greater cuts, which may also help lower other necessities, such as food prices.

However, further cuts would impact the tax revenue (and therefore public spending) available to the Chancellor at a time when balancing the public purse is proving difficult.

Furthermore, Joe Biden is considering releasing 180m barrels of oil in the coming months, which would drive the oil price down.

So, we ask our readers the following question:

Has the chancellor done enough to cut fuel costs?

A) Yes. He cannot control oil costs and the conflict in Ukraine makes increasing costs inevitable.

B) No. There should be a greater fuel duty cut to help ease the cost pressure.

What do you think?

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