October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021 Newsletter – Contents

  • Introduction
  • Client News – Unitary Council, Cyber Security Consultancy, Timber Distribution Group
  • EVP News – Fleet & Mobility Live
  • Market News – Semi-conductor shortage
  • Monthly question – HGV Drivers, numbers or safety?
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October 2021 Newsletter – Introduction

Another busy month for EVP

Welcome to EVP Solutions’ October 2021 Newsletter.

It’s been another excellent month for us here at EVP Solutions. As we emerge from the pandemic, organisations continue to see the value we can provide them. Therefore, Clients are engaging us to save them money and reduce their carbon footprint.

This month, our projects include the decarbonisation of a Unitary Council and assisting in developing a salary sacrifice scheme for a Cyber Security Consultancy.

Away from our Client work, the EVP team made the trip down to Birmingham for the Fleet & Mobility Live 2021.

Also, industry news continues to be dominated by the increased value of second-hand cars, caused by the limited car production due to the semi-conductor shortage.

Finally, October’s monthly question addresses the HGV Driver shortage.

Client News

October 2021 Newsletter – Client News

Unitary Council

Firstly, October saw EVP kicking off a project with a Unitary Council to develop the strategy and associated processes to decarbonise their fleet. The Council has 1,200 assets in their fleet. Therefore, they will electrify as much of their fleet as possible as part of their ‘Road-to-zero’ for 2030. EVP are experts at delivering decarbonisation and plan to finish the project in December.

Cyber Security Consultancy

Additionally, a Cyber Security Consultancy has appointed EVP to design and implement a car salary sacrifice scheme for its employees, including the supplier selection process. Salary sacrifice is an ever-growing method of providing low-emitting cars to all employees. The process involves employees sacrificing some of their monthly pay for a fully serviced, insured new vehicle.

Timber Distribution Group

Lastly, we are also concluding a project with a timber distribution and processing group. The key goal was to develop a new company car policy, to ensure all group companies have an aligned car benefit.

EVP News

October 2021 Newsletter – EVP News

Fleet & Mobility Live

The start of October saw the EVP team travel down to the NEC in Birmingham for the return of Fleet & Mobility Live.

After being moved online in 2020 due to Coronavirus, it was brilliant being back in person.

At the event, we spoke to industry colleagues and saw what has been brought to the market, particularly focusing on EVs.

Furthermore, it provided our graduate, Dave Cunliffe, the opportunity to network with others in the industry for the first time since joining EVP Solutions.

Of course, there was also time for a Cornish pasty from The Cornish Bakery!

October 2021 Newsletter – Market News

Semi-conductor shortage

The latest news coming from the fleet industry continues to be dominated by the semi-conductor shortage. Consequently, certain car manufacturers are now announcing that they expect the shortage to impact car production until 2023.

So, car auction houses continue to report record-breaking prices for second-hand vehicles as their demand continues to soar. As a result, fleets may want to consider holding onto assets for longer than initially planned to ensure the required number of vehicles remain on the fleet. EVP can assist with this challenge by developing a fleet strategy to offset the current short-medium term issues.


October 2021 Newsletter – Monthly Question

HGV Drivers – numbers or safety?

The HGV Driver shortage is certainly no secret. A combination of Covid, Brexit, retirement and other factors has led to a lack of drivers, falling below what is required. Subsequently, this has led to shortages on supermarket shelves and, more recently, at petrol stations.

In order to try and recruit more drivers, the Government have altered tests, so drivers will now only need to take one test for rigid and artic lorries. Also, drivers will not need to demonstrate reversing, coupling and uncoupling as part of the DVSA Testing. Instead, a third party will carry these out. Drivers will also now be able to increase their daily driving limit from 9 hours to 11 hours twice a week.

Meanwhile, there has been criticism from industry experts, claiming these relaxed rules will lead to unrequired risk on the UK Roads. Therefore, EVP asks the following question:

Should the Government continue to alter the rules to try and get more drivers onto the roads, or should safety come first and keep regulations as they are?

1. Let the tests be changed. Without drivers, our daily lives become more complex.

2. No changes. Road safety should always be paramount, and examiners should assess drivers as they were.

3. Somewhere in the middle.

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