Social Housing Fleet Management Services

EVP Solutions has extensive experience in delivering Social Housing Fleet Management.

By allowing us to optimise your fleet, we can improve the efficiency of your organisation and save you time and money.

As a result, you can focus on your customers and, importantly, helping people with high quality houses.

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Our Fleet Services

We create a fleet strategy for your fleet by aligning the organisation’s objectives with the operational requirements of the fleet.

Fleet strategy covers several inter-related areas with a broad range of stakeholders, including representatives from Operations, Finance, HR, Procurement, Payroll and Health and Safety. Each business is unique and requires a fleet strategy to meet the organisation’s specific needs, and no one size fits all.

Working collaboratively with our customers, we understand the business, challenge where appropriate, and develop realistic and deliverable strategies that flex as circumstances change.

Social Value

We can design and execute a fully compliant tender process specifically for your fleet without relying on framework agreements.

Fleet procurement can often be a challenge for generalist procurement category managers.

Finance, payroll, human resources and operations can all be involved in the management of the fleet. Therefore, fleet involves a complex stakeholder map. In addition, changes to legislation and taxation, along with new vehicle technologies, means the procurement process can be complex.

Specialist knowledge is essential either to supplement internal resources or to run the exercise procurement outright.

Our knowledge of the market reduces the timelines for the tendering. We ensure you invite suitable suppliers to participate in the process.

We know how to frame the specification, which is essential to drive the best commercial outcome from the supply chain and the right solution for our customers.

Fleet Procurement

We advise our clients on cost-effectively decarbonising their vehicle fleet whilst maintaining operational effectiveness.

Our electric vehicle consultancy provides an analysis of your current fleet and providing a roadmap that details the steps required and the costs involved.

Technology and product ranges in this arena are constantly evolving, and our knowledge of the market can help to guide your decision making and avoid costly errors.

Fleet Category Management as a Service.  This is where EVP run your fleet for you, making sure the supply chain is working for you and performing as you would expect.

At EVP Solutions, our experts combine deep domain expertise with extensive fleet management skills to provide a best-in-class supplier management service.

Years of experience and understanding enable us to structure contracts to the benefit of our clients and understand what vendors will tolerate and what they can deliver.

We consolidate management information into one dashboard, which gives a central viewpoint of overall fleet activity. This system also allows us to make accurate comparisons across our customer base and inform evidence-based decisions.

Vendor Management

Case Studies

Believe Housing

Services Delivered: Fleet Strategy & Fleet Procurement

Scope: UK Market

Fleet: 157 Commercial Vehicles

Objective:  Review strategy and run ITT to implement new supply chain

Main Stakeholders: Procurement, Asset Management Operations and Senior Management

Complete review of the whole fleet operation in line with the overall organisational objectives through engagement of a broad range of stakeholders across the organisation.

Review of existing supply chain data, operations and service delivery capabilities.

Review of existing policies and procedures with specific focus areas of risk management and environmental impact.

Vehicle design, specification and fit out requirements.

Designed, created and ran a PCR compliant ITT process.

Change of funding method yielding an annual cost saving of £130k

Selected and implemented a new outsourced fleet management supply agreement with enhanced commercial terms and clear supplier management plan.

Implemented new processes to specifically address vehicle return condition issues with the incumbent supplier

Implemented a plan to electrify the fleet over the short, medium and long term.  Specific focus included charging infrastructure requirements, cost effectiveness and operational readiness considerations.

Streamlined the approach to fleet management through reducing the administrative burden within the organisation.

Read more about the project on the Believe Housing website

Peabody HA and Family Mosaic

Services Delivered: Fleet Integration, Fleet Strategy & Fleet Procurement

Scope: UK Market

Fleet: 131 vehicles including cars, LCV’s and Minibuses

Objective:  Combine two separate fleets as a result of a merger

Main Stakeholders: Procurement, HR and Senior Management

Fleet policies covering car, van, cash and occasional use (grey fleet) drivers

Fleet risk strategy – policies and practice

Current vehicle choices

Current supplier arrangements; lease companies, other services, manufacturers etc

Vehicle service, maintenance and repair requirements

Provision of Accident Management services, short term rental services, fuel etc.

Internal review and sign off process for determining vehicle entitlement

Fleet policies rewritten to ensure in line with best practice and H&S compliant

Designed and implemented process for standardisation of vehicle choice and specification

Identified optimum future funding/leasing options and long list of suitable potential suppliers

Refined supplier specific SLAs and KPIs which were meaningful to the operational delivery of the fleet

Negotiated improved manufacturer and dealer terms.  Implemented updated terms

Created RFP specification document to allow the client to tender for future fleet requirement

Annual cost savings delivered of 11%

Facilities and Housing Maintenance Company

Services Delivered: Fleet Consultancy & Fleet Procurement

Scope: UK Fleet

Objective:  Full Strategic Review

Fleet:  750 vehicles mainly light commercial vehicles

Main Stakeholders: Procurement and Operations

Conducted a structured review of all aspects of the fleet covering vehicle funding policy, manufacturers, operational cycle, procurement, risk and environment.

Review of existing supplier agreements covering funding, leasing, manufacturer, accident management, daily rental and risk management services.

Interviewed operational stakeholders to understand the operations requirements of the fleet relating to the commercial vehicle fleet.

Opportunities identified to reduce annual running costs by 14%

Standardised commercial vehicle specifications

Re-defined the fleet management model

Reduced headcount

Enhanced supplier contracts

Streamlined operational delivery


Services Delivered: Fleet Procurement

Scope: UK Fleet

Objective:  Tender Documentation Drafting

Fleet:  200 commercial vehicles

Main Stakeholders: Procurement and Operations

EVP were engaged by the client to review RFP documentation prior to issue.

This involved reviewing all documents relating to:

Core service specification and commercial requirements

Vehicle specification and pricing schedule

Daily hire; Accident Management; Vehicle conversions; Telematics; Glass and tyres

Significant reduction in the volume of content taken to market resulting in a more focused and concise tender document

Strengthened commercial requirements to de-risk the supplier selection process over the contractual term

Enhanced contract control measures facilitating better supplier management capabilities over the contract term

Increased speed of project delivery overall

Social Value

At EVP Solutions, we take pride in making sure social value is at the core of our activities.

Please take the time to read our social value page.

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