Social Value

Social Value

At EVP Solutions, we ensure that social value is always at the centrepiece of our work.

Our business always looks to implement positive change. Whatever we are doing, we take pride in making a difference to the local communities we are working in.

What is social value?

According to theĀ Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, social value is defined as ‘the benefit to the community from a commissioning/procurement process over and above the direct purchasing of goods, services and outcomes’.

Put simply, social value is the additional value a supplier brings to both their client and the client’s wider community when they deliver their services.

Why is social value important?

Developing great relationships

When a supplier brings Social Value to a business partnership, it further develops the relationship between supplier and client.

Providing social value immediately enhances the value a supplier brings to their client. Now, we see client’s not only wanting value for money in their supply chain, but additional value being added to their organisation.

Improving the wider community

When a supplier adds additional value to their client, it enables the development of the wider community.

Whether it involves utilising local garages in the fleet world, or engaging a local contractor or tradesman for a building project. Utilising skills in the local area provides opportunity for work for those nearby.

Minimising environmental impact

There is also a need to minimise the negative environmental impact caused by the supply chain’s operations.

What are we doing?

  • Putting people first
  • Connecting local businesses
  • Supporting decarbonisation
  • Away from our work

Putting people first

Within our business

Firstly, our recruitment strategy targets young people in the Greater Manchester area. We believe it is our duty as a growing SME to help get local young people into work. 80% of our staff live within Greater Manchester.

Also, EVP strive to ensure that all of our people feel they have an important role within the business and focus on training to upskill employees where possible.

We put emphasis on having a close-knit team culture. Whether that is through involving our employees in strategic decisions or through our regular team socials, we believe a strong team ethos is an underpinning aspect of keeping employees happy.

All of our employees have access to mental health support schemes should they want it.

Outside our business

While we can’t directly impact our client’s employees, we believe that our services allow them to add value to their employees. For instance, our electric vehicle salary sacrifice enables employees to get access to a new EV, at a lower cost to them and no cost to their organisation.

Connecting local businesses

Whenever we can, we look to connect our customers to local suppliers.

By utilising local suppliers, it ensures that your money is being re-invested into the local economy, developing the local areas. For instance, we collaborate with small, local garages for repairs and maintenance.

Supporting decarbonisation

The decarbonisation of fleet is a crucial aspect of becoming a carbon ‘net-zero’ organisation.

A key element of the services we provide is advising our customers to enable them to make the move to electric vehicles. Wherever we can, we support the electrification of your fleet providing it fits your organisational needs.

Away from our work

EVP Solutions look to add value into our local community wherever we can and have supported local schools and sports clubs.

For example, we often support our local primary school, Springfield Primary School. Our financial support has allowed the school to purchase a new set of laptops, which the children use as part of their ICT curriculum, as well as supporting other subjects.

EVP Solutions have also provided sponsorship to Brooklands Cricket Club. We provided a playing kit to the newly formed Bobcats girls team and more recently, EVP’s support has allowed the junior section to purchase new training equipment.

Want to know more?

We are more than happy to discuss how social value is important to us.

So, if you would like to know more about how we add social value into our work or your supply chain, please contact us.