The Business Benefits of Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Companies across the UK and the world are adopting EVs. But what are the business benefits of electric vehicles?

Moving to EVs can assist businesses in lowering emissions, internal and external costs, and the total cost of fleet ownership. 

Whilst it might sound like a costly process, there are many business benefits for a company to switch to electric vehicles in the long run. For example, you can save time and money by outsourcing your fleet strategy. 

Reduce costs and improve productivity

First, switching to EVs lowers your company’s maintenance expenses. EVs are naturally more dependable than ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, as fewer mechanical parts are prone to failure. Also, EVs supply more data to the user and organisation to enable more preventative maintenance.

EVPs Fleet Analytics dashboard allows clients to create bespoke dashboards which simplify procedures such as transitioning suppliers or managing diversified supply chains. In addition, we provide the user with up-to-date information on their fleet, combining real-time updates and preventative maintenance techniques. 

Lower Tax

The UK Government will give you tax relief benefits for having a part or fully electric fleet. For example, Benefit in Kind (BIK) is a very low tax for company car drivers and fleet operators who choose an electric vehicle.

Say goodbye to congestion charges.

This is a top fiscal benefit of electric vehicles in your company fleet. You won’t be paying congestion charges when your cars don’t produce CO2.

UK businesses, Tusker, Rentokil Initial, OVO, Tarmac and Drover have all committed to the EV100 coalition, a non-profit project led by Climate Group that seeks to have all firms worldwide transition to an electric vehicle fleet by 2030.

Increase your organisations’ reputation.

Organisations are always looking to reduce climate footprint. By adopting a more eco-friendly approach to your fleet, you are making an immediate difference. Larger companies that have already committed to making the switch include Asda and Natwest. The latter plan on installing EV charging points at their headquarters and various office locations. 

EVP has put together a helpful guide for more information on becoming more eco-friendly as a business. 

Electric vehicle advice 

Suppose you’re looking for advice on electric vehicles and changing your fleet from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles. In that case, our guide to choosing your first electric vehicle provides a wealth of information if you’re unsure where to get started.

Our team of fleet management experts will happily guide you through the benefits of electric vehicles and the process of switching your fleet. Get in touch with us on 0161 973 8579, or email us at for more information.