The first big companies to embrace electric vehicles in their fleet

With half the vehicles on the UK roads being made up by company fleets, it is no wonder that a number of them are turning to an electric vehicle fleet. Some of the UK’s largest firms are committing to a fully electric fleet by 2030; these include BP, BT, Direct Line Group, Royal Mail, ScottishPower, Severn Trent and Tesco – whose collective fleets count around 70,000 vehicles. 

This guide will look at the companies and corporations that have already started the transfer to this fleet strategy, contributing to a greener tomorrow. Unsure where to start with electric vehicles? Take a look at our guide to choosing your first electric vehicle, whether you’re an individual or part of a larger corporation, EVP Solutions can help you with outsourcing your fleet management strategy.

Companies moving to an electric vehicle fleet

These transnational companies are committed to an integrated electric vehicle fleet in the coming years: Baidu, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Heathrow Airport, HP Inc., IKEA Group, LeasePlan, METRO AG, PG&E, Unilever, and Vattenfall. Additionally, they are committed to installing EV charging stations for customers and employees, for use with their owned and/or leased fleets. 

Other movers and shakers include NatWest’s initiative with Octopus Energy to install 600 EV chargers at its UK offices. Asda announced in July 2021, that they have started the switch to an entirely electric fleet for their company cars. It is predicted that this switch will take up to four years, with approximately 600 company cars belonging to the supermarket. 

The EV100 coalition is an initiative run by the not-for-profit organisation, Climate Group, and aims to see all companies, globally, make the switch to an electric vehicle fleet by 2030. UK businesses, Tusker, Rentokil Initial, OVO, Tarmac and Drover have all committed to this initiative.

Why should companies integrate electric vehicles? 

Not only is it beneficial for the environment and the greater good of the climate, but corporations and individuals can also save a lot of money by integrating more electric vehicles, or going completely electric with their fleet. 

Companies with partially or entirely electric fleets can benefit from government subsidies and tax breaks, such as avoiding company car tax. As well as company car tax, by reducing your companies carbon footprint you’ll be lowering your carbon emissions tax, too. 

The benefits of outsourcing fleet management

Many businesses have opted to outsource their fleet management, some of EVPs customers include; L’Oreal, Rentokil Initial, DogsTrust, Invesco and much more. Reasons why outsourcing your fleet management can help with operations are as followed: 


By outsourcing an operation as time-consuming as fleet management, it allows more time to focus on the processes and internal goals within the business. 


Our experts at EVP have years of experience, working across a breadth of industries that can be applied to your fleet strategy.


Our fleet management consultants offer the best advice you can get. Working with us can save you on average £605 per fleet vehicle, and we endeavour to work out a fleet management plan which fits with your budget. 

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