EVP’s steps to ensure fleet safety and environmental responsibility

Fleet safety and environmental responsibility are vital for any organisation operating numerous vehicles for its employees and customers. Therefore, safety and environmental footprint form major KPIs in any organisation.

EVP Solutions take pride in providing an expert fleet management consultancy service. We believe in the benefits of electric vehicles and eco-friendly fleets.

We take these steps with each of our clients to ensure fleet safety and environmental responsibility.

1. Manage road risk with technology

Keeping your fleet out of harm’s way is our priority. EVP measure your fleet’s data using a fleet analytics system. In effect, fleet analytics does more than making the complicated easier to understand. It also aids the fleet’s strategic plan by helping spot opportunities both locally and worldwide. In addition, fleet analytics breaks down the supply chain to maximise economic advantage.

Four simple steps can achieve this.

Firstly, we carry out the initial consultation. Secondly, we link data from internal and external systems in a variety of formats. Thirdly, transforming the data allows us to create meaningful links within the data. Ultimately, we publish analytics to enable insight; enabling us to tweak the fleet strategy where necessary.

2. Driver mental health and wellbeing

Recent studies show that more drivers are struggling with mental and physical wellbeing across a range of companies. As a result, H&S policy for fleet managers and drivers is a must-have in any fleet operation.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employers must ensure the health and safety of employees at work to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, employers must do everything necessary to keep them safe while working or doing work-related activities, including driving. In addition, fleet managers must also adhere to the laws set in the Road Traffic Act and the Road Vehicles Regulations. The police and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) enforce these regulations.

3. Incident reporting and investigation

Any fleet’s plan for managing work-related road risk must include incident reporting and investigation methods. Moreover, failure to investigate an incident involving one of your drivers may tarnish your reputation. Also, it poses a missed opportunity to learn what went wrong and put steps in place to help prevent future collisions.

Responsible fleets have thorough protocols in place to review any incident involving their drivers. Hence, applying changes to the policy keeps it relevant and water-tight.

4. Vehicle Inspections

The methods for a successful vehicle inspection are essential. Accordingly, organisations must ensure they abide by the following to guarantee their vehicle inspection standards.


Ensure your vehicles are not only safe for your employees but also for other motorists, saving you time and money.


Routine inspections can also decrease your driver’s and company’s liability by mitigating potential fines at roadside checks.

Accidents and negligence 

A negligence case will be costly if there is no documented proof that inspections were performed correctly and thoroughly.

Vehicle lifespan 

Regular inspections can help extend the estimated life of your fleet cars, consequen increasing residual values and cuts replacement costs.

How EVP can help your fleet

Our fleet plan begins by analysing your current fleet. Next, we develop a roadmap that outlines the measures to be taken and the associated costs. Following this, we start the implementation process.

Technology and product lines are constantly changing in this industry. Our market knowledge can help you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Please find out more about how we can help with your fleet strategy.

Our guide on how to be more eco-friendly as a business offers an insight into ways companies can adapt to the demanding climate and keep a solid reputation. Another way we contribute to this ethos is through the electrification of our client’s fleets.  So if you want to find out more about electric vehicles, why not read our guide on choosing your first electric vehicle

Please get in touch to learn more about our fleet strategy services or how we electrify your fleet