Fleet Management Glossary


Fleet Management Glossary This article provides a fleet management glossary for some of the terms used in the fleet management industry. Advanced Rental - An initial payment as part of a lease or purchase agreement. Allocation Policy - Defines how a company allocates its company vehicles. Alternative Fuels - Alternatively sourced fuels such as biofuels, [...]

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Mobility as a Service


Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Mobility as a Service Definition MaaS is defined as "the integration of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand” (Source: MaaS Alliance).  The blend of transportation services will include public transport, taxis, bikes, scooters, hire or leased vehicles. The aim of these services is to provide [...]

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Fleet Management Outsourcing


Fleet Management Outsourcing | Leverage the scale and technology of your suppliers Fleet management outsourcing has grown in popularity in recent years. At a time where there are cost challenges for most businesses, outsourcing is being used by businesses as a method of reducing the costs of providing fleet by outsourcing non-core [...]

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Fleet Category Management


Fleet Category Management | How to strategically manage fleet spend and reduce operational and supplier risk In this blog we look at global fleet category management and approaches for fleet procurement and supply chain professionals.  There are many different approaches from single sourcing across all countries to multi-bidding requirements in each country. After [...]

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Cash Allowance or Company Car


Company Car Allowance or Company Car? Many businesses offer eligible employees the choice between choosing a company car or a company car allowance. For many, this can be a difficult choice with a number of different factors to take into consideration.  The changing economic situation and fiscal framework has proven to be [...]

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Managing Supplier Change


Managing Supplier Change | Maximizing The Benefits Of New Supplier Relationships Managing supplier change is seen by many organisations as risky, time consuming or difficult.  Everyone remembers an experience where things haven't gone as well as planned!  This means that many supplier relationships are allowed to roll on even where the service or [...]

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Fleet carbon footprint


Reduce The Fleet Carbon Footprint Through A Structured Framework And Practical Steps Governments and businesses are putting and increasing effort onto reducing their impact on the environment and reducing the fleet carbon footprint can be a major contributor to this objective.  Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is high on executive’s agendas not just from a [...]

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