Electric Vehicle Consultancy

Our electric vehicle consultancy service guides the transition of your fleet to a zero emission future

Our electric vehicle consultancy provides an analysis of your current fleet and providing a roadmap that details the steps required and the costs involved. Technology and product ranges in this arena are constantly evolving, and our knowledge of the market can help to guide your decision making and avoid costly errors.

Moreover, our experience covers the operation of company cars, commercial vehicles and electric vehicle salary sacrifice schemes.

We work across the private, public and third sectors, helping organisations plan and deliver a lower carbon fleet. Get in touch with a member of our team for more information on the latest trends and news regarding electric vehicles and electric vehicle fleets.

Moving to electric is now not optional, it’s a necessity. The government have announced the ban of sales of ICE vehicles by 2030. Therefore, utilising our expertise will ensure your business is in the best position to make the transition to electric.

Electric Vehicle Consutlancy

How our Electric Vehicle Consultancy has helped our customers

EV Salary Sacrifice

Large Defence Business

EVP reviewed the market for electric vehicle salary sacrifice, ran a successful procurement process then helped the client implement the scheme

Electric Vehicle Suitability

Housing Association

EVP reviewed the operations for a housing association, assessing which vehicles could subsequently convert to electric alternatives.  EVP then supported the procurement process for the electric vehicles and the supporting supply chain

Net Zero

Water Company

EVP supported a water company through creating a fleet strategy which created a roadmap for the fleet to be net zero by 2030.

Fleet Electrification FAQs

What electric vehicles are suitable for my fleet?

Whether you run a fleet of cars, vans or service vehicles, there is a range of electric vehicles on the market that may be suitable. Furthermore, new products are consistently introduced to the market. Thus providing more competition and additional options for fleet managers.

How will an electric vehicle impact the financial efficiency of my fleet?

Electric vehicles can reduce operational costs by cutting energy expenditures by 2-3 times. Also, maintenance of an electric fleet can cost 70% less than maintenance of an ICE fleet.

How, where and when will vehicles be charged?

Charging points are popping up all over the UK. In fact, some businesses are installing them alongside the electrification of their fleets. Additionally, government grants and incentives are currently available for both home and workplace charge point installations.

How will vehicles be maintained and repaired?

Due to the fewer number of moving parts with an electric vehicle, maintenance events are likely to be far fewer and less costly compared with the ICE alternative. Issues with the drivetrain or battery packs will generally have to be dealt with by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

How much will the transition to electric vehicles cost?

Ultimately, this depends on fleet profile. Size, age and usage of vehicles are some factors which will influence cost.

We understand how difficult it can be to find the ideal electric vehicle for the right job or driver. Our experts have a wealth of information available on various ranges, charging systems, and so on. To discuss this in more detail, get in touch with one of our experts

Our structured approach to Electrification

As a specialist in electric vehicle fleets, we can assist you in selecting the best vehicles for your needs based on what you intend to use them for. The following outlines our approach to electrifying your fleet of vehicles and the information we gather:

If you are a fleet owner in need of advice before making the conversion to electric vehicles, we can provide this service for yourself and your business. So, why not get in touch with a member of our team today for a detailed discussion?

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