Procurement Process

We follow a robust strategic fleet procurement process to ensure the right outcome for your business.  We help reduce cost, increase operational efficiency and reduce risk.  Cost savings are measured to guarantee savings are delivered.

EVP are completely independent so all our recommendations are based on what is best for our customers.

The Benefits

Our fleet procurement exercises are always focused on the outcomes as well as the process.  The results we see from tenders consistently improve on current commercial arrangements through enhancing current arrangements or bringing in replacement suppliers.

Commercial benefit of lower prices and better commercial terms

Speed of delivery from project start to implementation

Lower execution, contract and delivery risk

Fleet procurement can often be a challenge for generalist procurement category managers.

Fleet involves a complex stakeholder map. Finance, payroll, human resources and operations can all being involved in the management of the fleet. Changes to legislation and taxation, coupled with new vehicle technologies, the procurement process can be complex.

Specialist knowledge is important either to supplement internal resources or to run the exercise outright.

Our knowledge of the market reduces the timelines for the tendering and making sure the right suppliers are invited to participate in the process.  We know how to frame the specification which is essential to drive the best commercial outcome from the supply chain as well as the right solution for our customers.

In addition to our well established procurement methodology, we are experienced negotiating with suppliers.  We are know which procurement levers to pull in order to secure short and long-term value from the contract whilst also providing the supplier with the opportunity to make an adequate return.

We have implementation managers to guide your organization through any changes in suppliers making sure the improvements and benefits are achieved as expected.

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