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1 06, 2022

May 2022 Newsletter


May 2022 Newsletter Client News – Decarbonisation of public sector fleet project, project with a public body comes to an end. EVP News – Tom and Dave head to Birmingham to attend the commercial vehicle show. Dave travels to Leicester for his next stage of AFP qualification. Market News – EV driver cost [...]

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29 04, 2022

April 2022 Newsletter


April 2022 Newsletter Client News – Project with medical technology company goes live, prospects for grey fleet service EVP News – Tom Lett joins the team, and Andy heads south for Easter. Market News – The UK ranked as the third-best country for EV driving in Europe. Both rapid charge points and energy [...]

April 2022 Newsletter2022-04-29T09:25:17+00:00
1 04, 2022

March 2022 Newsletter


March 2022 Newsletter Client News – Global cosmetics brand, salary sacrifice RFP complete for cyber security experts. EVP News – Ange enjoys some Spanish culture, Dave starts his junior management consultancy apprenticeship. Market News – Chancellor cuts fuel duty by 5p a litre, legal loophole closed regarding using a mobile while driving. Monthly [...]

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29 03, 2022

Buying your first EV


Buying your first EV Introduction In 2019, EVP wrote a blog that served as a guide to buying your first EV (electric vehicle). However, we feel it is a good time to update the guidance available to our readers. Since 2019, there have been significant developments in the technology available to electric vehicle (EV) [...]

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4 03, 2022

February 2022 Newsletter


February 2022 Newsletter Introduction Client News – Medical Technology Company, meeting a public body EVP News – Nick and Andy escape the February weather Market News – A new 'road-tax', delay of the GMCAZ, Oxford open their ZEZ Monthly question – Is delaying the GMCAZ the right thing to do? [...]

February 2022 Newsletter2022-03-14T09:24:21+00:00
16 02, 2022

Mileage-based road tax


Mileage-based road tax Switching to a 'mileage-based road tax' Introduction There have been calls from the Transport Select Committee (TSC) to switch the current road taxation system. Generally, motorists are subject to two sources of tax, providing they have an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle: Vehicle excise duty - an [...]

Mileage-based road tax2022-03-03T12:25:42+00:00
7 02, 2022

Greater Manchester CAZ Update


Greater Manchester CAZ Update Introduction There is an update to the Greater Manchester CAZ (GM Clean Air Zone). In an earlier blog, we outline the GMCAZ, which was set for implementation in May 2022. However, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham put in a request for the scheme to be put on hold, to allow time [...]

Greater Manchester CAZ Update2022-03-14T09:25:52+00:00
31 01, 2022

January 2022 Newsletter


January 2022 Newsletter January 2022 Newsletter - Contents Introduction Client News – Major energy company, ongoing support for a major dealership group. EVP News – Dave Cunliffe passes ICFM Introductory Module. Market News – New electric vehicle battery gigafactory in Blyth, ALD propose the acquisition of LeasePlan. Monthly question [...]

January 2022 Newsletter2022-03-03T12:22:46+00:00
28 01, 2022

Changes to the Highway Code: Fact Sheet


Changes to the Highway Code: Fact Sheet Have you seen the latest changes to the Highway Code? There are significant changes to the Highway Code which come into effect on the 29th January 2022. Some of these changes will affect driver habits and decisions. If drivers are not made aware [...]

Changes to the Highway Code: Fact Sheet2022-03-03T12:11:49+00:00