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29 03, 2022

Buying your first EV


Buying your first EV Introduction In 2019, EVP wrote a blog that served as a guide to buying your first EV (electric vehicle). However, we feel it is a good time to update the guidance available to our readers. Since 2019, there have been significant developments in the technology available to electric vehicle (EV) [...]

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16 02, 2022

Mileage-based road tax


Mileage-based road tax Switching to a 'mileage-based road tax' Introduction There have been calls from the Transport Select Committee (TSC) to switch the current road taxation system. Generally, motorists are subject to two sources of tax, providing they have an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle: Vehicle excise duty - an [...]

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28 01, 2022

Changes to the Highway Code: Fact Sheet


Changes to the Highway Code: Fact Sheet Have you seen the latest changes to the Highway Code? There are significant changes to the Highway Code which come into effect on the 29th January 2022. Some of these changes will affect driver habits and decisions. If drivers are not made aware [...]

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26 01, 2022

Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone (GMCAZ): FAQs


Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone (GMCAZ): FAQs February 2022 Update What has caused the Greater Manchester CAZ update? There are two key factors that the Greater Manchester Authorities have cited for their decision to request the extension. The impact of Covid-19 on supply chains. The price and availability of second-hand vehicles. Ultimately, [...]

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24 11, 2021

Fleet in Winter: Looking after your vehicles


Fleet in Winter: Looking after your vehicles Introduction Cold weather and vehicles are two things that do not always go hand in hand. The RAC say they see a 'sharp increase' in breakdowns during the winter. At EVP Solutions, our clients often ask the best way to keep their fleets running throughout the colder winter months. [...]

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28 01, 2021

Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice


Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Providing a fully maintained and insured company vehicle through an electric vehicle salary sacrifice arrangement has become increasingly popular. This is because the overall cost of no longer receiving the salary, plus paying tax on the company car Benefit-in-Kind (BIK), was often lower than privately leasing the same brand-new car. [...]

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5 10, 2020

Fleet Management Glossary


Fleet Management Glossary This article provides a fleet management glossary for some of the terms used in the fleet management industry. A Advanced Rental - An initial payment as part of a lease or purchase agreement. Allocation Policy - Defines how a company allocates its company vehicles. Alternative Fuels - Alternative fuels such as [...]

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20 05, 2020

Mobility as a Service


Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Mobility as a Service Definition MaaS Alliance define MaaS as 'the integration of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on-demand'. The blend of transportation services will include public transport, taxis, bikes, scooters, hire or leased vehicles. These services aim to provide an integrated end-to-end solution utilising a [...]

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11 05, 2020

HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates


HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates and Electricity Rates Organisations use HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs) and Advisory Electricity Rates (AERs) to reimburse company car mileage for business use only. As long as the mileage rate used to pay employees for business mileage is less than or equal [...]

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12 12, 2019

Fleet Management Outsourcing


Fleet Management Outsourcing | Leverage the scale and technology of your suppliers Fleet management outsourcing has grown in popularity in recent years. Businesses use outsourcing to reduce the costs of providing a fleet. Outsourcing is contracting to a third-party provider to manage fleet processes that currently sit in-house. Outsourced arrangements can involve [...]

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