Setting an effective fleet strategy is key to driving efficiency.  The strategy can help create a roadmap for the fleet over the near and longer term time horizons.

We work with our clients to focus on their unique priorities which include:

1. What is the purpose of the fleet and how does it align to the overall business objectives both now and in the future?

2. How to operate the fleet effectively and safely?

3. How do I fund the fleet and operate it in a cost effective manner?

4. How do I control the risk associated with the fleet?

5. How do I ensure the fleet is fit for purpose?

6. How do I incorporate the external factors such as Covid-19, IFRS16, Brexit and moves to broader mobility management?

The term “fleet”covers a number of inter-related areas including company cars, commercial vehicles, HGV’s, hired vehicles, cash allowance drivers, grey fleet, motorbikes and materials handling equipment.

The stakeholders with an input into the fleet strategy will likely include representatives from Operations, Finance, HR, Procurement, Payroll and Health and Safety.

At EVP we know that each business is unique and requires a bespoke strategy to meet the needs of the fleet and the organization.

We work collaboratively with our customers, gaining an understanding of the business, challenging where appropriate and developing a realistic and deliverable strategy which adapts as circumstances change.

The Fleet Strategy Review Process

We utilise a robust methodology to create the fleet strategy framework.  The output is robust and measurable against the business objectives.

Why choose us?

30+ years of fleet strategy consultancy experience

Robust and proven consultancy process coupled with exceptional knowledge of the market

We always deliver a high return on investment

“We were unsure of the best way to go when reviewing our fleet provision and were recommended Nick and the EVP Solutions team to help us.

EVP understood our requirements quickly, and then guided us through every stage from scoping our requirements, evaluating our current provider, running the tender, selection of a provider and implementation of the new company.

It’s safe to say that we got to our answers much quicker with the help of EVP, but they also helped us understand it simply and easily.  They found areas where we could make substantial cost savings”

Martin Jefkins | Senior HR Manager | J&E Hall International

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