Global Fleet Reporting

Global Fleet Reporting was developed to address the issue of “too much information and not enough time”.  It is a problem familiar to many fleet and category managers. Working with a variety of leasing companies is further complicated by having to aggregate, process and analyze data from incompatible systems.

We remove the complexity through our  Cloud-based Global Fleet Reporting system. The platform allows clients to create bespoke dashboards which simplifies procedures such as transitioning suppliers or managing diversified supply chains.

However, Global Fleet Reporting does more than just simplify the complex. It also supports the strategic direction of fleet by helping identify opportunities both locally and globally. Global Fleet Reporting supports the deconstruction of the supply chain to achieve maximum commercial advantage.

In addition to measurement of costs and savings the system can also integrate supplier performance measures to give you a holistic picture of the service delivery.

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Why Is Data So Important?

  1. Key enabler for managing strategy
  2. Provides clarity and control
  3. Assists managing the risks associated with your fleet
  4. Supports environmental aspirations of the business

The Process

  1. Connect the data from internal systems and external systems in a variety of formats
  2. Transform the data through cleansing, classify, categorise and enrich the data
  3. Combine the data to create meaningful links within the dataset
  4. Share analytics to allow discovery and insight

Global Fleet Reporting Process

The Benefits

  • Identify savings opportunities

  • Perform price and policy benchmarks

  • Manage supplier relationships

  • Manage risk and compliance

  • Quantify savings

  • Improve processes

  • Manage co-operative spend

  • Reduce maverick spend

  • Recover over-payments

Case Study


Global Support Services Business operating 17,000 vehicles in over 30 countries


Like many organizations with large fleets, the customer was having difficulty managing the fleet across a range of incompatible and complex systems. They required a single-point view of the full fleet with important data automatically aggregated and clearly presented.


By implementing Global Fleet Reporting, the customer was able to view their full global fleet by location, operating company and vehicle type including the total cost of ownership for each variant. The platform also allowed full visibility of critical data such as average C02 emissions, forecast renewal dates and invoiced spend split between fixed, variable and avoidable.

Live vehicles on system
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