Greater Manchester CAZ Update


There is an update to the Greater Manchester CAZ (GM Clean Air Zone).

In an earlier blog, we outline the GMCAZ, which was set for implementation in May 2022.

However, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham put in a request for the scheme to be put on hold, to allow time for consultation and a new plan. We expect to see the latest proposals to be in place for implementation in July 2022.

What has caused the Greater Manchester CAZ update?

There are two key factors that the Greater Manchester Authorities have cited for their decision to request the extension.

  • The impact of Covid-19 on supply chains.
  • The price and availability of second-hand vehicles.

Ultimately, the root cause of these difficulties is the semi-conductor (chip) shortage, which is affecting all types of technology. Vehicles, computers, phones and games consoles, just to name a few, are in short supply. During the pandemic, fluctuating demand meant some tech firms made semi-conductor orders en masse. Therefore, some companies could not get hold of them.

What does the update mean for fleets?

The update to the GMCAZ will come as a relief to many fleet stakeholders.

Delaying the first stage of implementation provides fleets with greater opportunities to make the changes they need to in order to avoid paying non-compliance charges. In turn, organisations can reduce their fleet spend.

However, there is no certainty that the issues above will be resolved by the new implementation point. Meaning we could be in a similar position that we are now, but months later.

Furthermore, there was already criticism that the initial plans and dates did not go far enough to tackle the pollution problem in the region. Delaying the plans will only frustrate those people more. The changes now also mean the GMCAZ is unlikely to reach legal limits by the 2024 deadline.

How should you approach the Greater Manchester CAZ update?

As always, EVP Solutions suggest a proactive approach to making changes.

Acting sensibly, but quickly, is paramount to make sure your organisation is not subject to expensive charges. As discussed in the previous blog, there are significant financial and non-financial consequences for those fleets who don’t comply with the GMCAZ.

So, why not get in contact, and kick start those changes today?